Go BIG Work Program

Help our Go BIG entrepreneurs start a lawn care business! They are students, age 13-15, who are being trained to be safe and courteous lawn care professionals. They will leave your lawn looking beautiful and clean. Each apprentice must completer 25 hours of experience to earn their own lawn mower and make appointments directly. Until then, all lawn appointments are managed through the web page below. 

The cost per lawn is as follows: 

Guinea Pig (first 5 lawns mowed): FREE (Please understand that students will be practicing mowing for the first time on your lawn. Any sprinklers damaged will be the responsibility of the home owner).

Small lawn (less than 1/4 acre): $25

Medium lawn (less than 1/2 an acre): $50

Large lawn (less than 3/4 of an acre): $75

X-large lawn (larger than 3/4 of an acre): $30 per hour

What's included in the price? 

1. Grass mowed.

2. Lawn edges trimmed (with a weed eater).

3. Grass clippings blown away.

4. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Company Sponsorship

We are also wanting our work program to serve the community! Does your company want us to provide some TLC to clean up a part of town? Do you know of an elderly or disable person in need of some lawn care? Please use the customer information box below to get us going on our next project!

Customer Information

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Meet the students who will be serving you this summer: 

(information will be added in June, 2016)